Do you know you can be earning while you sleep, your money can work for you.

It’s a digital age, people are earning from the digital System while you’re using it.

The facebook you’re using is paying some people, the WhatsApp your busy chatting in is paying some other people, your Instagram is paying tons of people. YouTube is some peoples office.


Yet, how much have you earned from your social media since you’ve been using it.


That’s is why you should join clomotive.

A system that has been designed to pay you for your activities such as posting, chatting, liking and so on.


You join the system, you earn

๐Ÿ’ฏYou like a post, you earn

You love a post, you earn

You share a post, you earn

You click a post, you earn

You read a post, you earn

Infact, when you bring people in, you earn big money also.


You get paid whenever you meet up with the mark.

It’s a registered system, it is registered with the Nigeria Government with a duly signed CAC.


You’re paid for everything you do on the site, what are you waiting for today.


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