Nigeria records 281 new coronavirus infections

Nigeria recorded 281 new cases of coronavirus on Wednesday, taking the country’s caseload to 67,838.

This is according to an update provided Tuesday night by Nigeria’s Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

Three people also died from the disease on Tuesday in Lagos, taking the fatality to 1,176.

The 281 new cases were reported from 13 states – Lagos (123), FCT (64), Kaduna (38), Imo (15), Rivers (11), Plateau (8), Ogun (5), Bayelsa (4), Kwara (4), Bauchi (3), Edo (3), Kano (2) and Osun (1)

Lagos had the highest daily figure on Tuesday with 123 new infections to extend its lead as Nigeria’s most impacted city by the coronavirus.

The commercial city has recorded over 23, 000 infections and about 223 deaths.

Abuja, Nigeria’s capital is the second most impacted with over 6, 000 cases and 83 deaths and it came second on Tuesday with 64 new infections.

Currently, Nigeria has tested over 755, 000 of its 200 million population.


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