How to make #50,000 weekly on clomotive

  • Create a whatsapp group – Name it “Clomotive income program or Weekly earnings”
  • Join lots of Facebook group. Its Free
  • Post your Advert there as shown below and collect People’s WhatsApp number. You can add your whatsapp invite link in the advert so that people can join easily.
  • Add them to your WhatsApp group or Invite them to your group
  • Set your group settings to Only Admins can comment to prevent spammers.Dont make a random person an admin, they can kick you out of your own group.
  • Add at least over 150 people to your whatsapp group daily trust me you are going to be making over 100k monthly
  • Tell them about the business and how it works.
  • Show them over 7-10 alert testimonies from our Facebook group. Also share our payment list page
    Once they message you, ask them if they are interested in the business once they said yes, ask them if they are ready for registration and the rest lies in your hand till you convince them to register.

Note: With this you can be making up to #50,000 weekly.

  1. These are the adverts you can be posting on Facebook groups
    Do you know that you can be earning as much as #50,000 weekly….If interested drop your WhatsApp number.
  2. I’m not here to scam anyone. But I will teach you how to make #20,000 weekly…If interested drop your WhatsApp number E.t.c
    Once they comment their numbers, add them to your WhatsApp group.