No matter how much you love a woman, there are certain things you should never do only to please her.

You have the obligation as a man to make your girlfriend happy, but there should be a limit. As a man, you have an ego to protect, and you should not allow a woman to wreck it or take advantage of you just because you love her

1. Commit a crime for her
If you can’t afford her extravagant lifestyle, don’t steal or do anything dumb simply to impress her. If she really loves you, she will accept when you are poor and will not put pressure on you to solve her financial problems.

2. Compromise your needs for hers
You should be a little selfish with yourself unless absolutely required. You can’t be hungry just so you can give her money to purchase food. You may share what you have, but never give up everything simply to make her happy.

3. Pay Her School Fees
Never pay for a woman’s education unless she is your wife. It is OK to assist and support her while she is in school, but paying for her whole education is a no-no. If you feel obligated to do it, don’t expect her to be eternally grateful to you. People evolve, and she may choose to love someone else despite your efforts.

4. Forget your Goals
Before she came along, you had your own goals. Don’t stop pursuing them if she disapproves. You shouldn’t alter your mind about studying abroad because she isn’t comfortable with it. If she cannot wait, leave her alone, but do not abandon your pursuit of a lady.

5. Disregard Your Own Family
Some women can be manipulative if they believe you would do everything to retain them. Some individuals will try to make you loathe your relatives. Only your family will support you if she leaves. Do not sever familial ties to appease her.

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